HABRAS’ vision is to provide high-speed test service for local and international authorities and meet the requirements of improving defence and aerospace indusrty by developing its technology and updating itself. HABRAS is one of the few high speed rocket test tracks in the world with 2-km long double rail system. It is located at the Turkish MoD Firing Range, Test, and Evaluation Centre in Karapınar/Konya.

Abilities of HABRAS are testing ammunition systems which include live warhead, sending a signal to the electronical sytems such as fuzes for during the ammunition:’s movement on the rail, sled seperation systems, mechanical seperation, energetic seperation, testing in a wide mass-velocity region,Velocity measurement with Radar, blast measurement at target area, cack-up intitation system in case of fuze’s failure and capturing free flight and effects of the ammunition on the target with High Speed Cameras.

HABRAS is capable to speed a payload which is more than 1 ton up to Mach 1.5. HABRAS can provide dynamic test environments for various systems/subsystems, the some are listed below:

Ammunition System/Subsystem: Missiles, bombs, warheads, fuzing systems, propulsion systems, seeker, and guidance systems,

Rescue Systems: Ejection seats, parachutes, canopy jettison systems, and rescue kits,

Environmental Effects: Rain/ice/particle erosion, high G-loads, and blast,

Propulsion Systems: Solid/liquid propellant rocket motors, aircraft/space shuttle engine tests.