TÜBİTAK SAGE Optical System Laboratory (OPMER) was established to develop and fabricate high precision optical components in many different fields, especially defense and space technologies, within the scope of national capabilities. OPMER has been manufacturing precision optics since 2019.

The OPMER has a capability of agile product development that combines design, production, and assembly in a single roof especially for defense and space applications. We have optical design, opto-mechanical design/analysis, thin film coating design/fabrication, optical fabrication, metrology and assembly capabilities. We can offer from prototype to production of volumes. We can develop manufacturing process from design to implementation.

The laboratory covers a total area of 1100 m² with 500 m² of controlled area dedicated to precision optics fabrication and metrology department, 345 m² area micro patterning and coating department with 1000 and 100 class clean rooms.

OPMER is composed of four sub-laboratories

  • Optical Fabrication Infrastructure
  • Thin Film Coating and Lithography Infrastructure
  • Optical Quality Control Laboratory
  • Integration Laboratory (TUBITAK UZAY)