Platform integration services can be provided on each step of integration process. Systems engineering, documentation, store certification, flight and firing tests services can be carried out with the excellent capabilities of planning and executing the test item instrumentation, platform instrumentation, data acquisition, store separation high speed imaging, test data analysis. 
For this purpose, these infrastructures are established in TÜBİTAK SAGE.

With these infrastructure facilities, integration of aircraft internal/external systems, subsystems and payloads, external store certification, flight test services (test design, instrumentation architecture design, data acquisition systems, telemetry systems, flight termination systems, onboard high speed imaging for store separation, image acquisition and real-time transfer to the ground), integration services to marine  and submarine platforms, integration services to trucks and launch vehicles are provided.

This facility continues its activities to carry out the Flight Certification and Integration Tests of national ammunition development projects together with the Technology Weapon Systems Development Directorate under the Eskişehir 1st Air Maintenance Factory Directorate and the 401st Test Fleet Command under the 1st Base Command.

These sercives are provided within the scope of certification tests in military standards (MIL HDBK 1763);

  • Aircraft/System Integration Laboratory (SEL) Studies,
  • HYS 101 Mechanical Compatibility Test
  • HYS 102 Function Test
  • HYS 110 Safe Separation/Jettison Test
  • HYS 120 Ground Vibration Test (GVT)
  • HYS 154 EMI and EMC Test
  • HYS 210 Flutter Test
  • HYS 200 flight tests
  • aircraft Mux-Bus data
  • On-board imaging (Fast Camera Pod (CDART-1 / CDART-2), External (Under Fuselage) Fast Camera, In-Cockpit Fast Cameras, In-Cockpit Cameras)
  • Flight briefing and debriefing,
  • Preparation of test registration forms and reports
  • Extracting, interpreting, analyzing and/or transmitting flight data to relevant authorities

Encrypted video conference system is available between TÜBİTAK SAGE and UTKA, for time saving meetings.

There are two mobile telemetry systems: GÖZCÜ and Mobile Telemetry System (MTS).

Within the scope of flight and firing tests, telemetry infrastructure is used extensively for the need for real-time data analysis and data collection from firing ammunition. The main tests in which the telemetry system is used are listed below.

  • Firing tests (telemetry and flight termination system)
  • Safe separation (Jettison) tests
  • Captive carry tests with real-time data analysis requirements
    • Flutter test
    • Algorithm verification test
    • Function validation captive transport tests

Figure 1. Mobile Telemetry System

Mobile Telemetry System,

  • Data acquisition system
  • Receiver dish antenna (Tracking , 2.4 m)
  • Receiver COMTRACK antenna
  • Antenna control unit and autotracking
  • Receiver
  • Data analysis and display system

Services that are provided with this infrastructure;

  • Real time observation and recording of test data of instrumented store in accordance with the requirements of the tests
  • Real-timetest data and video images transfer from the test field to TÜBİTAK SAGE with a 1.2 m diameter mobile satellite antenna at a capacity of up to 40Mbps

Infrastructure Features

  • MTS 1 container is 6x2 meters. MTS 1 consists of a receiver unit, radio, flight termination system ground station, data analysis and display system and UPS room.
  • MTS 2 is the flight/test observation cabin which is designed for monitoring tests. There are 4 televisions, printer, telephone, work desk and wireless internet.
  • The receiving dish antenna is 2.4 meters. The maximum operating distance is 250 km. It has automatic signal tracking feature. The operating range is 2150-2450Mhz.
  • Generator (65 Kva , 3 phase, 52 kW)

Figure 2. GÖZCÜ Telemetry System

GÖZCÜ Telemetry System

The system consists of GÖZCÜ 1 and GÖZCÜ 2 units.


  • 5 monitors and image management system
  • intercom system
  • flight termination system
  • 2 receivers
  • 2 IF Recorders
  • 2 radios (VHF/UHF)
  • Data analysis and display system


  • 8 test monitoring stations
  • Intercom system
  • VIP Test viewing room
  • Kitchen

Services that are provided with this infrastructure;

  • Carrying out flight tests of test items which are instrumented in accordance with infrastructure specifications
  • Reliable data can be obtained up to 450 km within LOS (line of sight) in flight tests.
  • RF and location autotracking capability of S band antennas
  • The received data can be interpreted in real time and delivered to the GÖZCÜ 1, GÖZCÜ 2 and VIP sections with the desired screen structure, and at the same time, communication can be established between these 3 departments with the intercom system.
  • Audio and video recording in test cabins during the test
  • Operating without external power with the help of power container in the system (150 kVA generator and 80 kVA UPS )
  • Ensuring the confidentiality and security of the received data

In addition to telemetry systems, installation, operation and maintenance services of ATDM sensors (Radar, Electro optical systems, MSP, etc.) are provided. Tracking capabilities are increased by operating ATDM sensors synchronously with TÜBİTAK SAGE telemetry systems in the same network.

Test Equipment Instrumentation Infrastructure was established in 2016 at the SAGE Lalahan campus.

Services that are provided with this infrastructure;

  • Designing test, instrumentation and flight termination system architectures according to the relevant guidance kits or missiles
  • Acceptance tests of the equipment
  • Integration of test equipment
  • Integration of telemetry equipment
  • Integration of flight termination system
  • Design and integration of instrumentation cabling.


It was established in 2016 in order to transfer and monitor data obtained in the field during the tests to the SAGE campus in real time via satellite. The data can be monitored to the personnel who will examine the data in the same way with the telemetry infrastructure, and the decisions taken are transferred by communicating with the test area.


Figure 4. Satellite Communication and Test Monitoring Infrastructure

The following services are provided within the scope of infrastructure.

  • Ability to follow the relevant test data from the infrastructure without having to go to the test area
  • Storing test data to the ground station in the infrastructure and rapid evaluation of the data
  • Satellite communication with the test field.

Infrastructure Features:

  • 3.8 meter diameter VSAT Ku Band Antenna
  • Working with TURKSAT 4B satellite
  • 40 Mbit bandwidth
  • Test monitoring with 8 4K monitors

The activities carried out in the test areas cannot be completed within the planned periods. Tests are frequently postponed due to meteorological obstacles, platform and test item-related problems. In order to prevent loss of labor and time of the personnel in the test area as a result of the postponements, test data was sent via satellite to SAGE Lalahan Facility. Technical personnel can participate to infrastructure shortly before the beginning of the test, and resume their work after the test. In order to prevent risks related to satellite connection during the test, there are authorized and decision-making personnel in the test area. In addition to test management, senior participants and guests are enabled to follow the test.

The infrastructure established on 10000 m² area within the MSB KONYA/KARAPINAR ATD Group Command campus in 2018.

The infrastructure has been used for test crew during the activities carried out within the ATD Group Headquarters campus. SAGE Karapınar Test Campus Infrastructure also provides services within the scope of Industrial Services.

Infrastructure Features:

  • Headquarters building (Office, meeting room, dining hall)
  • Stations where Mobile Telemetry Systems will be located
  • Settlement areas for axillary test equipment
  • Power container
  • Mobile Satellite System
  • Flight Termination System Antenna Tower

Figure 5. Meeting Room


Figure 6. Office


Figure 7. Dining Hall


Figure 8. Koru Settlement, GÖZCÜ Settlement