Geometric and Form Measurements : 
The form characteristics of products assembled together are crucial. Form error is defined as the deviation of the product shape from the relevant geometric shape. Form measurements can be performed with the following;
Circularity and Form Measurement Capabilities
Uncertainty for Circularity : (0.02 + 0.0005) µm
Uncertainty for Cylindricity : 0.15 µm (at 100 mm)
Runout, coaxiality, perpendicularity, parallelism precision (at 100 mm): 0.4 µm
Measurement Part Limitations :
Part Length (Maximum) : 470 mm
Part Weight (Maximum): 60 kg
Inner Diameter (Maximum) : Ø364 mm
Outer Diameter (Maksimum) : Ø280 mm

Form Contour Measurement Capabilities
Typically employed in industrial applications, to be utilized to determine the dimensions, shapes, and geometric details of objects. Measurements can be executed with an uncertainty of ±(0.25 + H/250) µm for forms such as radius, chamfer, step, etc., where the radius is greater than 0.05 mm.
Measurement Part Limitations :
Part Length (Maximum): 140 mm
Part Length (Minimum): 0,01 mm
Part Weight (Maximum): 90 kg
Inner Diameter Scanning Length (Minimum): Ø3 mm

Precision Dimension Measurement Capabilities
It can be executed measurements with high accuracy for dimensions requiring precision in both internal and external diameters, with a sensitivity of ±0.09 L / 2000 µm.
Outer Diameter Measurement Capacity: 0 – 300 mm
Inner Diameter (Ø) Measurement Capacity: 5 - 150 mm
Part Weight (Maximum) : 11 kg

3D Measurements (Coordinate Metrology - CMM) : 
Measurements are performed using a coordinate measuring system in Cartesian coordinates. The measuring system's probe-connected head rotates 360 degrees on its own axis, allowing versatile measurements. Camio and PC-DMIS software are utilized, and there is technical competence in training, part program writing, and program accuracy checks. 
Device Measurement Uncertainty (Minimum): 0.5 + L/500 µm
Capacity for measurements on; 
X-axis : 700 mm (minimum), 1500 mm (maximum)
Y-axis : 1000 mm (minimum), 3300 mm (maximum)
Z-axis : 650 mm (minimum), 1350 mm (maximum) 

Surface Roughness Measurements :
The surface roughness products significantly affects their mechanical and physical properties. Desired surface quality is achieved by selecting and controlling appropriate production methods. All surface parameters (Ra, Rq, Ry, Rz, etc.) values are provided. 
Measurement range : ± 250 µm (up to ±750 µm with 3 times the probe arm length)
Profile resolution : 
For measurement range ± 250 µm: 8 nm
For measurement range ± 25 µm: 0,8 nm
For measurement range ± 500 µm: 16 nm

Inner Diameter Profile Surface Measurement Capacity : 
min Ø25 mm diameter up to 125 mm depth, 
min Ø5 mm diameter up to 75 mm depth