Naval Tests Services; It ensures the examination, development and verification the behavior and effectiveness of subsystems and systems used for military and civilian purposes, such as ammunition systems, rocket engines and warheads, in the marine environment through test activities..

Underwater Missle Launch Test

Underwater Missle Launch Test infrastructure developed for the submarine sertification of guided missiles, enabling safe, fast and low-cost test firing.


Underwater Explosion Tests

  • Measuring blast pressure
  • Measuring average speed of shock wave
  • Performing shock, strain, acceleration and similar measurements at underwater and sea level platforms
  • Preparetion of ignition train

Sea Level Flight Missle Tests

  • Designing and manufacturing suitable oversea targets and fixing it on the sea
  • GPS coordinate mesauserement of impact point via using drone and total station methods
  • Taking image data of the tests via high-speed cameras, drones and similar imaging equipment